February 15, 2011

50% off you say?

Oh yes, I did! Did everyone get their savings on with the Day-After-Valentine's-Sale? Its the best time to stock up on sweets and all things lovey-decorated! I maaayy of went a little over-board, but oh well, I plan to put everything to good use soon! I just went to Wal-Mart and CVS and found lots of goodies. If you didn't get to go today, definitely get to the stores tomorrow and see what you can pick up!
Yes, I bought a lot. Hurray!

February 2, 2011

Wow, I've been out of it!

I can't believe its been since October since I last posted! Goodness, time sure does fly. A lot has happened here; a wonderful vacation to the west coast, all the fun holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas were lots of fun!), little Mira's 2nd birthday, and helping a friend test out their new fashion website. Whew! And of course, a lot of photos were taken throughout that period! Here's a little taste of what I've been seeing:
Napa Valley, such great wine!

The Olympus Mountains from Seattle, absolutely breath-taking!

Mmm, Seattle's Best coffee


Cutest. Otters. Ever.!!!!

Christmas bible story ready by the "pro".

Birthday colors are fun!

Mira approves of her play ball set.

Soo much detail in everything, Mira is soo lucky!

Super excited to open gifts with mommy.

Auntie and cousin in such a cute moment!

Two lovebirds I never get enough pictures of!

Hope you enjoyed! Here is a sign off pic of yours truly ;)
See you soon!